Learn about brownfields and hazardous substances

The Brownfield Redevelopment Process

The Assessment Phase


Initially, a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is conducted to determine the presence or potential presence of contamination at the site. Further assessments or remediation may not be required if the findings of the Phase I ESA demonstrate that the presence of contamination is unlikely. If contamination at the site is unlikely, site redevelopment, reuse, or expansion may occur directly thereafter.


If the presence of contamination is likely, a Phase II ESA is conducted to sample and analyze potentially contaminated media (e.g., soil, water, air). Remediation may not be required if the findings of the Phase II ESA demonstrate that contamination does not exceed cleanup standards and site redevelopment, reuse, or expansion may therefore occur directly thereafter.

The Remediation Phase

Media (soil, water, air, etc.) is remediated (e.g., cleaned up) when contamination exceeds regulatory cleanup standards.

The Redevelopment, Reuse, or Expansion Phase

A site may be redeveloped, reused, or expanded once it has been confirmed that remediation was adequate.

Illegal Dumping

Pursuant to the Illegal Dumping Ordinance, it is ILLEGAL to litter or to spill or dispose of any solid waste outside of any designated collection areas (i.e., transfer stations, trash bins, etc.). Violators of this rule may be subject to fines.

Used Motor Oil

Please take care of our Mother Earth; change and dispose of your used motor oil properly! Contact the PLPT Public Utilities District at (775) 574-0268, extension 24, to find out more information on how to dispose of your used motor oil and oil filters properly.

Information about used motor oil (EPA)

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