The map below depicts eligible brownfield sites on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation:

The following inventory includes the eligible brownfield sites above:

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DePaoli South

Historical uses: residence, ranch


Historical uses: printing, "soil enhancement" facilities

Nothin' Knew

Historical uses: auto-shop, thrift store

Oil Pit 1

Historical uses: motor oil changing station, auto-service station, residence

Old Post Office

Historical uses: post office, fence shop/store

Old School

Historical uses: school

Rock Building

Historical uses: residence, government offices, school


Note: AST

S-S Ranch

Historical uses: residence, 

agricultural experiment station


Note: ASTs, USTs

TH Ranch

Historical uses: residence, ranch, lodge 


Note: AST, buildings onsite burned


Historical uses: residence

White Building

Historical uses: school, council hall, community center

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The following inventory includes all other hazardous sites:

None at the moment

 Note: The inventories above differ from the public record. The inventories are general listings of hazardous sites or eligible brownfield sites, whereas the public record includes all sites where response actions have been or will be completed.